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Best Things To Do Before You Die


Life is too short so don’t wait for your retirement to do things that bring happiness. Nothing is promised including you living till that long. So here are a few things you should do before you leave this world!

Travel And Explore

It is hard to find someone who doesn’t like travelling. It is nice to travel and explore things that we don’t do on our day to day life. So make sure you travel whenever possible, if you have enough money don’t hesitate to go to your dream destination. Also do things that make you happy, if you are an adventurous person you might love the idea of doing things which might sound dangerous to others such as mountain climbing, sky diving and bungee jumping but if that makes you happy then go for it. Don’t live your life on “what ifs” rather do it so you would have something to look back and remember. Try to do new things every time, for example if you like hiking then go one step further and try lake mountain snow trip. The breathtaking views will make all the effort worth it. So do try this before it’s too late! Keep in mind that you don’t have to be super rich to travel, you can visit places even in low budget, and you should just learn to spend wisely. For example, you could look for cheap airlines, the ones which usually have a lot of transit and stay in a backpack hostel instead of a hotel. That way you will have enough money to spend on other things.

 Fall In Love

This might sound extremely cliché but falling in love is indeed a beautiful thing and everyone should find their soul mate as soon as possible. That way you will have someone to grow with or at least someone who will weep for you when you die too soon. We often are so focused on work that we forget to spend time with people and hence why we remain single. So try to make a balance, and if you feel that you click with a person, try to get to know them better. This way you might create a bond which will last lifelong!

Make A Difference

Most of us want to be super successful and earn a lot of money before we leave this world. However, there is no point because you will not be taking any of these materialistic things when you leave the world. So instead of chasing behind money, we should try to make a difference even if it is a small one. For example, if you see a poor person starving offer them food or give them some money. You might not even realize but your simple act of kindness can actually make a big difference in their day. You could also give charity to poor people or help those who are fighting with deadly diseases. So their prayers and blessings are the real things that you will be taking with you.

Hope the above article gave you a new definition on how to live.

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