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Cool Facts about the Pearl of the Indian Ocean


This tropical island is like nothing you have ever seen before. It is a unique and diverse location that is guaranteed to entertain you and give you enough memories to last a lifetime. This little island paradise has everything from warm sandy beaches to national parks teeming with wildlife to misty green hillsides. So there is no shortage of diversity and abundance here. And these are some interesting pieces of information about the island that is known as ‘the pearl of the Indian ocean’:


A Land Of Kings and Queens

The island has a rich history especially when it comes to the era of kings and queens. Since the island (formerly known as Ceylon) is a stones-throw away from India and also in the path of a trading route, it attracted many powerful people all of whom sought to overthrow the other. If you read up on the historical texts about these tales of old and you will be transported into what seems like a prequel to a Game of Thrones episode with all its twists and turns and sudden deaths. Not to mention battles, blood, beasts, betrayals, love, broken ties, allies, family and lost lands. There is certainly no shortage of drama and legend in the fascinating stories of this island’s many monarchs.


Girl Power

The world’s first ever female prime minister was elected in Sri Lankan in the year 1960. A woman named Srimavo Bandaranaike was chosen as the sixth prime minister of the island and not once, not twice, but three times! Her daughter Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga became Ceylon’s first ever female president and the fifth president of the country. Which is not bad for such a tiny little developing country that has a fairly messy history.


Literacy Rates

It has the highest literacy rate in the whole of South-Asia due to the high emphasis and importance Sri Lankans attach to education. With an astounding 92% in literacy rates, this little island beats out many other countries. So if you were to ever travel here go check out a few schools and see how they are run and in what ways you can help.


Tea Time

Sri Lanka is the fourth largest tea producer in the world. It has a huge expanse of tea plantations that blanket many hillsides toward the centre of the island. Tea leaves from here are plucked the traditional way, packeted and sold all over the world. Tea is, in fact, the largest export of the country.


Heritage Sites

It has multiple UNESCO world heritage sites and if you want to go on Sri Lanka Tours then you need to make sure to check some or all of these out. Especially Sigiriya (lion rock fortress) and the Dambulla cave temple.


Now you know some fascinating facts about the island of Ceylon. If you have not been to this south-eastern piece of paradise, then book a flight as soon as possible because this is certainly going to be a trip to remember.


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