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How to Hire a Boat in Sydney


What better way to explore the Sydney Harbour than by boat? You can go holidaying, and host special events like birthdays, gently swaying on the tranquil waters surrounding Sydney on a lovely, sunny day. Renting or hiring a boat for a day or several hours is relatively easy in the city. There are dozens of service providers you can use. However, it is important to do some research in advance so you know what you are getting yourself into. Here are several top tips for hiring a boat in Sydney:

Budget Accordingly and Compare Rates

Renting a boat is not inexpensive, of course. You should expect to pay around $500 per hour for a typical vacation boat near the harbour. Prices vary largely depending on the type of boat you choose and the number of people on boat. A budget choice would be paying between $300 and $1,000 per hour for the hire. There are luxury options that can get as high as $4,000 per hour. Therefore, you should carefully think about what you can afford and what type of boat your event needs. For example, if you are just cruising around the harbour with friends, you can choose a budget boat that won’t cost more than $500 per hour. If you want to host a wedding on a boat, then expect to dish out over $1,000 on a larger vessel. You can choose a site like to compare rates and check out available boats.

Choose the Wharf Location and Think Carefully about Accessibility

One of the most neglected aspects of hiring a boat is choosing wharf location.  The boat needs a wharf to pick you and your company up. Sydney has dozens of wharfs accessible to the public. While most are open and accessible throughout the year, there could be certain time periods where wharfs are not so accessible. For example, during special holidays like the New Year’s Eve, some wharfs are inaccessible because of road closures. You probably don’t want something like this ruining your planned boating trip. Therefore, carefully choose the wharf depending on the dates and make sure it remains accessible. You can ask the boat hire company or call up the local government regarding wharf accessibility on the dates you have chosen. Don’t forget to do this unless you want to risk your fun trip.

Ask About Amenities on Board

Do you want to charge your smartphone on the boating trip? Perhaps you’d like a mini fridge to cool the beverages? Not all boats have on-board power outlets. If you want to blast music and party on the boat, then you would need power outlets. If you do need amenities like power, fridges, and so on, inquire about these from the boating company in advance. Ask about charging outlets and how many there are. For some boats, you might have to bring a generator on board or have the boating hire company provide the generator for you.

When going on a boating trip, it’s extremely important to be prepared. Keep in mind that you won’t be on land. If you suddenly want some batteries, a snack, or life-saving allergy medication, it won’t be possible to drive to the nearest store. Therefore, plan your boating trip very carefully. Pack everything you need and do research in advance to know what you are getting into.

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