DIY — February 1, 2019 at 3:01 am

Quick Getaway Ideas for The Busy Workaholic


Want to go on vacation but just don’t have the time, right? Yeah, we have all been there. If you are a workaholic, you will be constantly feeling like a vacation is just time that could be utilized to do some work. You won’t realize that this type of thinking is actually quite harmful to us. Overworking and over-stressing all the time will not only reduce your capacity to do work but also the quality of your work and thus completely negates the purpose of being a workaholic.

The key idea to understand about taking a small break is, that it is, in fact, helping your work. When you make yourself think in this sort of way, you are more likely to be more open with the idea of putting some time aside and taking a break. And once you do make up your mind and decide that you need a breather, next step would be deciding on what you could actually do during this mini vacation you have planned to take. This can be quite frustrating especially if you are not too keen about traveling far off. What you could do instead is something closer to home and something that won’t require a lot of travel time. Let’s be real, in your head, you are just calculating all the time that is potentially wasted by just being on the road. Here are some quick getaway ideas to resolve this problem.

Nothing Requiring Too Much Work

In order to go on our quick vacation, you need to book flights and or book accommodation and get your travel sorted, this is highly unlikely to happen. Instead, you could choose a place that does not require you having to put any effort into the planning, after all, you are trying to get away from all the planning and scheduling. You could book a hot springs pools and units online with only a few clicks and be on your way the next day for your vacation. This is an excellent choice for a quick getaway especially because all you literally have to do is relax in the steamy waters. This probably would be ideal for winter but not so much for summer.

Just Get Outside and Be Around Nature

If going away seems like it’s taking a bit too much of your time, then you can do something that consumes less time but will allow you to relax and free up your mind. You could go for a quick breezy bike ride.

This is an excellent way to clear your mind and bonus, you get some exercise in. Nature is naturally the most relaxing thing there is and doing something that involves nature and greenery will really calm yourself and make you stress-free. After sitting for hours in front of your computer, stepping outside and getting some fresh air with a cool breeze brushing your face as you cycle away is probably a great feeling.

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