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Tips for De-Cluttering Your Home


Sick of all the clutter messing up the interior decor of your home? Here is a list of several reliable ways to get rid of all that clutter and organize your home better:


Create a Phone Station

Don’t leave your phones and assorted accessories like cables and cases everywhere. Design a phone station in your living room, study, or bedroom. Whenever you come home, leave your phone here for charging. Keep all the phone-related things nearby. This should prevent the charging cables from getting inside the sofa. Plus, you won’t forget where you left each of the little pieces.

Buy Desks with Drawers

The best way to keep tiny things that tend to clutter away from sight is inside a drawer. Things would naturally collect on flat surfaces—such as tabletops—in rooms when you don’t have proper places to temporary store these items. Therefore, invest in space-efficient furniture like tables with drawers where you can reliably place items like keys. When you get mail, another major cause of clutter, you can place these in the drawers neatly.

Buy Baskets or Bags for Storing Clutter

Do you have pet or children’s toys, throw pillows, books, or similar items creating messes in the bedroom or the living room? The easiest solution to this problem is to buy storage furniture, or portable storage items like baskets or bags. Use the basket to place all the toys so the things are not all over the floor. A small bookrack or a shelf will be great for pacing books that tend to get everywhere. It can really be a hassle to clean everything all the time. Storage baskets would keep the stuff you don’t want on the floor until you need to use them once more.

Buy Plastic Boxes for Seasonal Storage

Free up space in the closet by storing away seasonal clothing. Buy spacious storage units in Melbourne to place your winter jackets or summer dresses during the off-season periods. Now, you will have more space for seasonal items in the closet. The winter jackets would no longer hang perpetually in the living room even during the summer with this solution.

Invest in Closet Organizers

Closets and wardrobes can really get messy quickly. Therefore, buy closet organizers that create designated places for the little things like jewellery that cause clutter. Closet organizers can also make available space much more efficient. You will find that you can finally keep your necklaces or cufflinks in the closet instead of on the dressing table.

Reduce the Number of Throw Pillows and Other Ornaments in the Living Room

How many throw pillows do you really need on the sofa? If these pillows are always getting on the floor or are being found on the tables, then you may have too many. As a general rule for better organization, remove the unnecessary ornamental items from the living room. Make space more available by keeping the design aesthetic minimalist. Make sure too many things are not taking up space that can be used for placing items you use every day.

You can increase the level of organization in your home and reduce the clutter by investing in space-efficient solutions. Install more wall shelves and similar furniture to increase storage space to keep things that cause clutter. Implement the above suggestions one by and and see how neat your living space turns out to be.

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