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Top 5 Things to Do In Mornington Peninsula


Mornington Peninsula is home to many popular natural attractions. The beaches bring in scenic views and the vineyards and gardens bring in perfect wines and fresh produce. It is one of Victoria’s most desired holiday destinations with a 90 minute drive from Melbourne. Here are top 5 things to do in the region.

Portsea Back Beach

Portsea is a popular summer beach with extensive rock platforms and reefs forming its boundaries. It offers ample parking and dunes, which provide a scenic view of the beach. The beach is so famous, that it’s a regular for ironmen contests. The beach has a wide surf zone and ideal conditions for a number of water sports but the waves can be treacherous, so stick to safe zones and look out for signs, instructions. It is recommended that you set up a little beach camp at the back as afternoon tides are a bit strong. Bring along a picnic and indulge yourself in a full day beach spree of relaxation.

Cape Schanck Lighthouse

Built in the late 1850’s, the Schanck Lighthouse is the second coastal lighthouse in the state of Victoria. The lighthouse is located on the southern tip of Mornington Peninsula and built from limestone standing 21 meters tall. The place is ideal for a hike or a boardwalk which gives into stunning coastal views. The trail to Bushrangers Bay is also a pretty good walk but longer has some handsome beach views as well.

Peninsula Hot Springs

If you want to relax and rejuvenate, the Hot springs are the ideal place to head for. The place is set with beautifully set pools from which natural hot mineral waters spring. There are other customized packages on offer along with special spa treatments from across the world. The hot springs were inspired by Japanese hot springs when two brothers decided to bore a 637-meter hole to create their own natural hot mineral waters spring. Whilst this is luxury enough, there is also luxury accommodation Mornington Peninsula offers.

The Octopuses Garden

If snorkelling is your thing, then head towards the calm waters of Port Philip Bay. The Octopuses garden is a 200-meter marine snorkelling trail with signage where you can get to witness some interesting underwater life. Bring along snorkelling gear and enjoy the trail.

The Octopuses garden is located at the Rye beach, which a family friendly beach for swimming and boating. The coastal town of Rye is a popular holiday destination with plenty of activities to do for families. Summer carnival, eateries, horse rides and coastal walks are part of it all. The magnificent Mornington Peninsula National park protects the coastal line.

Arthur’s Seat

Arthur’s seat is a rocky and small locality on the Mornington Peninsula. The area is simply spectacular with its natural setting which includes natural bushlands and hills. Its breathtaking views and man-made structures add to its attractions.  Take a walk onto sea winds garden and head down to Dromana along the beach for a dip and a meal. It would be a perfect closure to the day.

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